About Empire Mental Health Support

Live With Mental Illness, Not Against It!

Created as a nonprofit in 2020, Empire Mental Health Support is a group of humans whom either live with a mental illness or are family members of those living with a mental illness. We are an educational, advocacy, and a support group that serves the Empire Area. We are peers, family members, and allies who want to see a better world for mental health and the elimination of discrimination in all forms. This is why our motto is, “Live With Mental Illness, Not Against It!”

Our goals are to raise mental health awareness in our communities, our state, and the areas around us. We want to be among the justice system, the lawmakers, and the leaders to work towards empathy and equal rights among our mentally ill citizens and their families. We want to get in on the ground floor of progress in getting each person a proper home, proper medical attention, and proper education so they may be better individuals in the long term.

We would like to see a stronger mental health system in the Empire Area. Also, we would like to see those in the court system helped rather than hurt during their symptomatic times and get proper medical treatment if they happen to be placed in the detention centers. After all, they are human beings afforded their inalienable rights just like the rest of the citizens in this country.

Other goals include helping the homeless with their mental illness, getting veterans back on their feet, helping released felons have a future outside of prison, and working with counselors in the education system with helping teens with a wide array of disorders and gender equality. By doing so, it is our hope to have a stronger and more understanding community when it comes to mental illness. This also helps families become closer because they now know how to love their family member even better than before.

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